Indigeneous People Standing For Mother Earth Being Shot Down

Standing up to power is deadly business, particularly when money’s involved…and usually, money is involved.  Let’s be aware, appreciative and supportive to those courageous souls who manage to do so – including indigeneous people of Brazil and elsewhere coming together to protect Mother Earth.

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has given new license to the killing of Indigenous people in Brazil. Before he came to power in 2019, it wasn’t clear what he wanted to build, but he knew exactly who and what he wanted to destroy: the Indigenous people and the Amazon rainforest, respectively.” 

— Nick Estes

#NickEstes #CounterPunch #Indigeneouspeople #Brazil

Published by Loga Michelle Odom @Odomanian

Founder/Host, Reading Changes Lives; Former Senior Producer, OUR COMMON GROUND Media / TruthWorks Network / If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny

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