“Anthea Butler on White Evangelical Racism – by Ruth Ben-Ghiat – Lucid”

I believe all relationships bear many of the same dynamics.  Whether we’re thinking of two lovers or friends, an employer and employee, or even groups, like blacks and whites, it’s possible to see some of the same elements at play.  That’s why I believe when we understand things in one arena, there’s a way to extend that insight to other areas of our lives.

So when I think about this Replacement Theory, where some whites are acting out of their fears of annihilation, I wonder what conclusions we might reach if we made the problem smaller and examined it from the perspective of two individuals.

To be in relationship with an insecure person can be a terrible thing.  The insecure person may seek to exert excessive control or manipulation, seemingly because they fear being left alone.  The fearful person may start arguments or fights over nothing, in an effort to push the other away or to see how far they can push the boundaries.  Or the fearful, insecure person may seek constant reassurance they are loved.  What a burden!  Ultimately, the insecure person may succeed at pushing the other away, for what is missing in their lives, is something they must find and provide to their self.  More tragically, the insecure person may harm the other in some emotional or physical way, up to and including death.

To be in relationship with an insecure person is to always be on the lookout for the exit sign.  There’s no fixing this person – and the risk of harm to one’s self is great. So, when I think about this Replacement Theory and the fear and insecurity it exudes, I am looking for the way out.  Are you?   — LMO

Of the Evangelicals, Butler said, “You can say, oh, they’re just religious people who have high morals. But the reality is, they’re religious people who use morality to get power…Abortion has always been there, but now abortion is not simply about ‘don’t get an abortion because God doesn’t want you to,’ it’s about ‘we’re going to be replaced.’ The idea that migrants are going to come in and White Christians will become fewer, there’s that fear. There’s also the reaction to Covid-19 and the fear of losing your ‘pureblood’ status if you take the vaccine. And the huge shift of Evangelical attitudes toward Russia. They have put themselves together with Orthodox Christians in Russia for authoritarian purposes.”

Ben-Ghiat pointed to non-denominational churches, and said, “Some of these mega-churches rival Evangelical ones in their commitment to Trump and the GOP and to spiritual warfare.”

For more of this probing dialogue, see the link below.

Published by Loga Michelle Odom @Odomanian

Founder/Host, Reading Changes Lives; Former Senior Producer, OUR COMMON GROUND Media / TruthWorks Network / If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny

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