Find Black Female and Male Therapists and Other Resources to Support Mental Health

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG Support during rising fascism may be needed.  Find Black male and female therapists @bftherapists.  Join Thursdays, 8 pm ET, from 1/13/22, “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny.”

Finding the right therapist is more than a notion, and with the added layer of looking for one who you may identify with based on their color or gender, the task can seem overwhelming.

The website “Black Female Therapists” is a world of resources for women and men seeking to maintain or improve their personal mental health.  The site offers classes, therapy, affirmations, a podcast, blog, tips and more.

Most importantly, they offer a searchable database of Black Female and Male Therapists, to start you on a journey toward mental health and wellness.  See the directory of Black Male Therapists here.  — LMO

“Black Female Therapists (BFT) is the #1 lifestyle and empowerment platform for women of color!

“This platform was created to promote, inspire, and elevate other black female therapists and create a safe space for black mental health. BFT gives mental health therapists a chance to show their #blackgirlmagic and makes it easier to connect with individuals nationwide.

“Not only is it a place to connect but also a safe place for black women to discuss their mental health and wellness journey and learn new strategies to live a better life. From indulging in the newest self-care strategies to helping strategize mental health issues, we live for being a go-to daily source for all things Black Female Therapists, Self-Care, Mental Wellness, Stress Management, Travel, Relationships and Mental Health.

“Our Mission

01 To remove the stigma around mental health in the Black community.

02 To provide a platform for Black women and men to find therapists they relate to.

03 To aid in the mission of supporting mental health in our community.”

— Black Female Therapists

EXPLORE | Black Female Therapists

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