Fight Fascism Now: See the Gaslit Nation Action Guide

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG Gather ideas on how to #FightFascismNow from @gaslitnation by @sarahkendzior & @andreachalupa – see the Gaslit Nation Action Guide.  Join Thursdays, 8 pm ET, from 1/13/22, “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny.”

The Gaslit Nation Action Guide offers a good start on ideas to help us fight fascism and encroaching tyranny.  It expounds on these suggestions:

  1. Get a Team Management Guide.
  2. Focus on State Races.
  3. Join Local Grassroots Affiliates of Key National Organizations.
  4. Fight Global Warming with Grassroots Organizations. 
  5. Unionize.
  6. Run for Something.


“Gaslit Nation,” hosted by writers Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa, experts on authoritarian states who warned America about election hacking before the 2016 election.  Here, they take a deep dive on the news, skipping outrage to deliver analysis, history, context, and sharp insight on global affairs.”  — Gaslit Nation

GATHER ideas on fighting fascism from this site | Gaslit Nation Action Guide | Gaslit Nation, the website by Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa

Published by Loga Michelle Odom @Odomanian

Founder/Host, Reading Changes Lives; Former Senior Producer, OUR COMMON GROUND Media / TruthWorks Network / If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny

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