Where Are the Children and Why Were They Stolen?

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG Slow progress is seen in efforts to reunite families torn apart by zero-tolerance border policy, reports @benfoxatap of @AP.  Watch Thursdays, 8 pm ET, 1/13 – 4/7/22, “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny.”

Families are routinely ripped apart in the supremely dystopian land of Gilead.  The purpose?  To provide children for upper class families to raise as they see fit, particularly those couples unable or unwilling to bear their own babies.

It does sound too horrific to be true, but sadly, we don’t have to look far to find similar action in the modern U.S.  Recall how the Trump administration callously separated the families of asylum seekers arriving at the southern border, supposedly to discourage immigration.  Fortunately, these cruel and unjust acts were so reprehensible and heart-wrenching, they led American citizens to vigorous protest – and the Biden administration is attempting to answer the calls for family reunification.

Is it a case of “too little, too late?”

A year into the new presidency, just 100 children have been returned to their natural families, according to reports.  The article below says “about 350 more reunifications are in process” and “officials believe there are still about 1,150 children whose whereabouts have not been confirmed.”  The AP also reports about “5,500 children were forcibly removed from their parents under Trump,” but the article does not clarify where these children were ultimately placed – with their family of origin, with a new family, in a detention center, or lost.

With all the various kinds of predators our culture producers, it seems possible to me that some of the children “whose whereabouts have not been confirmed,” have been forever claimed by the most ethically and morally depraved among us.  Moreover, what traumas have even the children who are returned to their original families experienced?

Americans showed up in November, 2020, and resoundingly rejected the cruel, inhumane, destructive and irreparable actions of “the former guy.”  The Biden administration has major work to do in attempting to make whole the families severely harmed by the heartlessness of separations.  Tragically, they will lose the battle in some cases, as some damage cannot be undone.

This alone, for me, is enough, to determine that Donald Trump is never allowed to see the light of day, ever again.  Is it enough for you?

No Más,


A few quotes from the linked article, “U.S. has reunited 100 children taken from parents under Trump” —

“A Biden administration effort to reunite children and parents who were separated under President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy has made increasing progress as it nears the end of its first year…

“President Joe Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office to reunite families that were separated under the Trump administration’s widely condemned practice of forcibly separating families and children at the U.S.-Mexico border to discourage illegal immigration…

“The work of the task force has been complicated by a number of factors, including inadequate or missing records on the separated families, the sheer number of cases and the fact that many parents are in remote Central American communities and were unable to track down their children or get to the United States to retrieve them.”  —Ben Fox, The Associated Press

READ | U.S. has reunited 100 children taken from parents under Trump | by Ben Fox, The Associated Press | 12/23/2021

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