Meeting of America – A Talk Strategy for Saving Democracy

Meeting of America

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG Diverse collab w/ @karenhunter @AndrewShue @ThePeopleOrg @dosomething @ListenFirstProj & major corps seeks to heal America with talk strategy to bridge divides. Keep trying! Watch Thursdays, 8 pm ET, 1/13 – 4/7/22, “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny” on TWN.

Last November, Meeting of America planned a series of discussions as a way of getting at the deep divisions in America and working toward saving democracy.  I can’t tell if this project ever got off the ground – but it’s aims were ambitious, and I can imagine many ways in which plans may have been undermined.

Nevertheless, it struck me as an interesting concept when I heard about it a couple of months ago – bringing Americans together to talk.

History teaches us “the people, united, can never be defeated,” and that “divide and conquer” strategies have very effectively derailed plans to advance agenda beneficial for the masses.  So anyone who wants to bring people together, in baby steps, to begin to break patterns that lead to defeat, is quite likely on the right path.

Once we are clear democracy is at risk of collapsing, under pressure from forces who very narrowly pursue their own interests, a question arises about what to do next.  I think there are many ways of answering such a question.  A “Meeting of America” may not be your idea of how to proceed in addressing current threats – and that’s OK.  We can’t all do the same things.  Yet if we all do some things, moving in the same direction, surely we will succeed at reaching our goals.

So whether or not this particular project succeeds, I applaud @AndrewShue for seeking a path that bridges divides and helps to heal America.  Keep trying!  — LMO

Quote from "On Tyranny," by Dr. Timothy Snyder
Quote from “On Tyranny,” by Dr. Timothy Snyder

“Meeting of America is designed to convene millions of Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs to turn down the heat and find a way forward together. 

“Before the virtual doors open to all Americans, you’re invited to be in the first group, part of testing and shaping the experience for the rest of the country, a pioneer on this urgent mission. 

“Your three conversations will align to the goals of Meeting of America:

  1. Connect with each other to see individual humanity across differences, extracting some of the poison out of polarization (Nov 1-12)
  • Commit to America’s founding yet unfulfilled ideals and other values that bind us together, building a shared identity and foundation for the future (Nov 13 – Dec 5)
  • Champion the New Commitment in our daily lives and volunteer to collaboratively address areas of shared concern (Dec 6-17)

— Karen Hunter Show

“We’re breaking apart. The way we demonize each other across differences is a grave threat to our families, communities, and country.  Let’s reverse the trend!  These bold conversations can create a new foundation of trust and grace upon which we can solve problems and achieve a more perfect union, together.

Meeting of America has been co-created by a strikingly diverse group of everyday Americans and leaders from the business, education, and civic sectors. Pilot Partners include McDonald’s, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Petco, Boston Beer, Chipotle, The Harley-Davidson Foundation, Duke University, Stanford University, American University, Liberty University, University of Georgia, University of Oklahoma, University of Southern California, Points of Light, Urban League, League of Women Voters, Service Year Alliance and many more. Meeting of America is fiscally sponsored by the 501c3 nonprofit Listen First Project, which leads the collaborative movement to heal America by bridging divides.”  — Meeting of America

LISTEN TO | Andrew Shue – Design Team Member for Meeting of America | Karen Hunter Show | 10/28/2021

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