See “The ‘crazy faith’ and prophetic voice of Susan Williams Smith ’86 M.Div.” by Kimberly Winston, Yale Divinity School

@JaniceOCG @kjwinston11 of @YaleDivSchool conducted thoughtful interview of @cassady2euca. Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith is live, Thurs., Jan. 20 at 8 pm ET, w/ “If America Fails?” on TWN, for our chat on cults, cultures & religion in @HandmaidsOnHulu & modern practices.

Founded By Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith
Founded By Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith

WATCH Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith, Founder and Executive Director, Crazy Faith Ministries – LIVE – Thursday, January 20, 2022, 8 pm ET, on the TruthWorks Network YouTube channel, when she joins “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny,” in discussion on Cults, Cultures and Religions in The Handmaid’s Tale, and modern American culture.

Twenty years into her career as a minister, Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith considered turning away from her chosen career. 

“’I was so tired, I was so burnt out,’ she said from her home in Columbus, Ohio, where she raised two children while leading a United Church of Christ congregation.  ‘I didn’t know if I wanted to do church or talk about God ever again.’

…So, she resigned as head pastor and entered a period of deep confusion and reflection…Five months after she resigned from her traditional congregation, Dr. Smith started Crazy Faith Ministries, a non-denominational and pointedly non-traditional organization that, for lack of a better description, might be called a ‘distilled’ church,” wrote Kimberly Winston.

In a thoughtful interview, going deep into the background and motivations of Dr. Smith, we learn much about what makes this dynamic leader tick.  Here are a couple of quotes from the article, which I encourage you to read in full:

“I believe that church is not a place where you go, it is something you do. I decided this ministry would be about us doing things for other people, with no building, no trustees, no deacons, no formal worship at all — just us.”

“It’s a way of making a sermon not just words, but action. It makes my soul sing.”


Works by Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith is an ordained minister, pastor, musician, writer, activist and mother of two, living in Columbus, OH, where she now serves as Founder and Executive Director of Crazy Faith Ministries.  This is a non-traditional church with faith ministries providing outreach and services for homeless people; services for children of incarcerated parents; and voter education and registration, among other things.  Pastor Williams Smith also leads Freedom Choir that sings songs of freedom at marches and events offering messages of social justice through music.  She previously served for 22 years as pastor of Advent United Church of Christ, also in Columbus, and maintains an interest in the relationship between politics, religion, and race.  A prolific writer and author of several books, Williams Smith began her career as a newspaper reporter in Baltimore.  Her books include Crazy Faith:  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives (2009), and most recently, With Liberty & Justice for Some: The Bible, the Constitution, and Racism in America (2020), Dr. Williams Smith also blogs at Candid Observations and has written for the Washington Post and Huffington Post.  With a Doctorate in Ministry, she maintains leadership roles in many national and community organizations and religious networks.  — If America Fails:  The Coming Tyranny, a TruthWorks Network Production

READ | The ‘crazy faith’ and prophetic voice of Susan Williams Smith ’86 M.Div. | by Kimberly Winston | Yale Divinity School | 9/20/2021

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