Listen to “Barbara Walter: Is America at Risk of a 21st Century Civil War?” on The Bulwark Podcast

@JaniceOCG Chances of the U.S. moving to civil war were discussed by @bfwalter & @SykesCharlie on @BulwarkOnline.  We can do better!  Watch Thurs., 8 pm ET, to 4/7/22, “If America Fails?:  The Coming Tyranny” on TWN.

I learned a new word listening to this episode of The Bulwark Podcast featuring Dr. Barbara Walter – anocracy.  Anocracy indicates a country has elements of both democracy and autocracy, and Dr. Walter says it describes where the U.S. is today, and also indicates our readiness to engage in civil war.

Increasingly, I hear podcasts where the possibility of a new civil war in the United States is seen as quite likely.  After all, what choice do we have when the leaders we have elected seem to have lost their collective mind and capacity to provide good governance?  Yes, I know, “good” is debatable and depends largely on one’s point of view.  For some, good implies things like reasonableness, fairness, justice, equality and effectiveness.  For others – not so much.  And that’s the point!  We are living in alternate realities without a shared set of facts and capacity to reason.

What choice do we have when the leaders we have elected seem to have lost their collective mind and capacity to provide good governance?

I have never lived through a civil war, but my imagination and reading of history make it easy enough for me to see that “war is hell.”  I truly hope U.S. citizens can find another way to work through the issues that divide us – understanding that humans will always have differences.  We are not robots.  Each one of us is a unique being with our very own point of view.  If “difference” is the thing that leads us to war, humanity has nothing to anticipate but perpetual strife, violence and death.  There MUST be a better way.  — LMO

“There have been more than 200 civil wars since WWII — and the conditions that triggered those conflicts are now present here in America. Author Barbara Walter joins Charlie Sykes on today’s podcast.

“Barbara F. Walter, Ph.D., is the Rohr Professor of International Affairs at the School of Global Policy & Strategy at the University of California, San Diego. She received her Ph.D from the University of Chicago and completed post docs at the Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University and the War and Peace Institute at Columbia University.

“Walter is one of the world’s leading experts on civil wars, political violence, and terrorism. Walter is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a frequent live guest on CNN, and an active consultant for the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Departments of Defense and State. She occasionally writes for the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times, and is very happy when her research is showcased in the New York Times or the New Yorker, her favorite hometown publications. In 2012, she founded the blog Political Violence @ a Glance (with Erica Chenoweth).”  — The Bulwark Podcast

LISTEN TO | Barbara Walter: Is America at Risk of a 21st Century Civil War? | by Charlie Sykes, Co-Host | The Bulwark Podcast | 1/11/2022

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