Dr. Ruth Ben-Ghiat Offers Direct Approach to Countering White Supremacist Fears: On Celebrating Our Multiracial Democracy

@JaniceOCG See how @ruthbenghiat suggests confronting white supremacist fears on changing demographics. Dr. Ruth Ben-Ghiat is live, Thurs., Feb. 10 at 8 pm ET, w/ “If America Fails?” on TWN, for chat on race & ethnicity in @HandmaidsOnHulu & relationship to current challenges to democracy.

Resisting Autocracy: The Boston Globe Sees “A treasure map for an American tyrant”

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG To #DefendDemocracy & resist autocracy requires a plan and @BostonGlobe has some ideas to help us on the path of ensuring we never have another president like “the Former Guy.” Join Thursdays, 8 pm ET, from 1/13/22, “If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny.”

On Remembering the “Day of Rage” – Jan. 6th

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG @handmaidsdaily @nytimes provided this 40-minute video of the #J6 “Day of Rage,” so we can remind ourselves of the horror. Americans have short memories and it seems many humans need to repress violence. This is something we should not forget.