“Are Trump & His Cronies Guilty of Mass Murder? Where is the Media?” Thom Hartmann Asks

@JaniceOCG Trump’s indifference to death of Black Americans during early days of coronavirus should be seen & investigated as murder, @Thom_Hartmann urges in recent rant. Indifference also allows tyranny to flourish. We’ll explore thru lens of @HandmaidsOnHulu, Thursdays, 8 pm ET, 1/13 – 4/7/22, as “If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny.”

On Chaos and The Cyber Supply Chain

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG @itsjunebitches An early episode of @HandmaidsOnHulu shows the descent into chaos & this @60Minutes segment w/@BillWhitakerCBS @BradSmi & @ncdinglis shows how a @solarwinds #CyberAttack highlights our tech vulnerabilities. Join Thursdays, 8 pm ET, from 1/13/22, “If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny.”