Dreaming of Justice for Trump: Homicide, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity

@ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG A congressional panel in Brazil is planning to charge its president with homicide, genocide and crimes against humanity, says @jacknicas of @nytimes. When will Americans follow suit? #ChargeTrump Join Thursdays, 8 pm ET, from 1/13/22, “If America Fails?: The Coming Tyranny.”

“Authoritarianism Leads to Genocide”

“Authoritarianism leads to genocide.” @ASoulAFire @JaniceOCG @gaslitnation w/ @sarahkendzior & @andreachalupa alerted us a few months ago that the Justice Dept. does not appear to be pursuing the crimes of the ex-POTUS. Andrea Chalupa said, “Authoritarianism leads to genocide.” That’s what’s at stake when we allow the would-be dictator to roam free. This is a reminder. “Authoritarianism leads to genocide.”